Residential and Commercial Construction involves everything from contracts for the purchase of real estate, to construction contractor agreements, to commencement of construction structures, to ensuring that contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, vendors and material providers are paid for their services.   For an owner, this means having someone who knows construction law inside and out including what to watch out for and what needs to be part of the process.  For construction managers, general contractors, subcontractors, vendors and material providers, a knowledgeable, experienced construction law attorney is vital to ensuring your work is protected.  That means making sure you get paid.

Michigan operates under a very detailed set of rules for construction including construction codes, guidelines and the Michigan Construction Lien Act.  These protects both property owners, residential and commercial alike, as well as contractors.  When a party to a construction of any kind breaches their duty, you need an attorney with extensive construction law experience to help you.

Paul has represented clients in every aspect of residential and commercial construction across Michigan.  A construction law litigator, Paul focuses on ensuring the construction process exists to avoid a dispute however if a problem arises, Paul also has the experience to ensure it is resolved in his clients’ best interest.

Paul’s construction law experience includes:

  • Construction Lien Foreclosure
  • Negotiation, Drafting, Review and Revision to Construction Contracts
  • Homeowner representation
  • Contractor, Subcontractor, Vendor and Material Supplier Representation
  • Construction Management Agreements
  • Sheriff’s Sale and Redemption
  • Mortgage Foreclosure
  • Construction Licensing
  • Vendor Litigation
  • Damaged Home Lawsuits

Insurance Repair Contracts and Lawsuits