Contracts are the single most important aspect of nearly every business.  At the same time, if not done properly and with an eye toward the future, they can become a source of frustration, delay, unnecessary expense and, often, litigation. Individuals and businesses that decide to draft or review contracts on their own often discover, sooner or later, that the assistance of a contract expert is the only way to ensure all bases are covered.  That’s where Paul comes in.

An expert in contract negotiation, drafting, review and litigation, Paul has represented hundreds of individual and business clients in virtually every type of contract including:

  • Asset Sale and Purchase Agreements
  • Buy-Sell/Cross Purchase Agreements
  • Corporate Bylaws and Limited Liability Company Operating Agreements
  • Commercial Leases and Subleases
  • Franchise Agreements
  • Letters of Intent
  • Commercial Real Estate Construction Contracts
  • Subordination Agreements
  • Business Sale Transactions including Stock and Member Interest Transfer
  • Assignments
  • Supplier Agreements
  • Vendor Agreements
  • Commission Contracts
  • Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation Agreements

And many, many more.

Paul understands that cost is always a factor. Obtaining expert contract help should be affordable and friendly while also ensuring that you get the best possible protection.  Paul will focus on your end goal and will help you create, review, revise or negotiate the contract that will help you get there.