As much as we try to avoid them, lawsuits are sometimes inevitable.  Having a tough and experienced litigator will often be the difference between winning and losing.  Hiring the right attorney is the first and most important step.  How many cases has your attorney litigated?  How many trials have they conducted?  What types of cases have they represented clients in that have gone to trial?  Do they litigate in your best interest, or their own?  These are the types of questions you should ask any attorney you are considering hiring to represent you in court.

Paul has litigated hundreds of cases of all types.  He has conducted trials in district, circuit, administrative and claims courts all over Michigan and has successfully represented clients in every aspect of the court process, from filing to trial. Paul has also represented clients in all aspects of appeal including the state and federal appeals courts. Paul has litigated cases in virtually every aspect of civil and business law as well as private arbitration.

No one wants their problems to end up in court and starting with a good attorney will help achieve that goal.  Sometimes, however, a lawsuit is the only way to resolve a dispute.  If you are in that situation, you need the experience of an attorney who has not only been there, but has been successful doing it.  Paul is that attorney.