The single most valuable asset to most individuals, and businesses, is their property.  That’s a fact.  Yet all too often, clients do not want to bother with legal representation when purchasing, selling or leasing.  That’s sometimes based on concern over expense or perhaps a bad prior experience, or both.   It’s understandable.  Getting good legal representation for your property matters shouldn’t break the bank and shouldn’t create more questions than answers.  The right attorney should address those concerns.

Property comes in different forms; real property and personal property.  Real property can cover everything from buying, selling and leasing homes, buildings and land.  Personal property refers to all physical possessions.  Both are important to you and your business. Both should be protected and to do that, you need an expert who understands precisely what it takes to achieve your desired outcome.

Paul has represented clients in virtually every type of property matter including:

  • Negotiation, drafting, modification and execution of purchase agreements for both residential and commercial real estate, buildings, agricultural property and vacant land;
  • Negotiating and drafting of guaranty documents for real estate leases;
  • Review, redline and revisions to residential and commercial leases and purchase documents for business franchises, commercial plazas, large commercial buildings, medical office, vacant and investment property, historical buildings, elder care facilities and storage facilities;
  • Representation of residential and commercial clients in zoning matters including Zoning Appeals, as well as rezoning of commercial, residential, industrial and agricultural lands in Southeastern Michigan;
  • Litigation on all real estate matters including:
    • Lease termination and collection
    • Lease enforcement
    • Purchase Agreement termination and enforcement
    • Commercial guaranty enforcement and defense
    • Property lien and border disputes including quiet title and adverse possession
    • Sale in lieu deeds
    • Easements
    • Quiet Title
    • Adverse Possession
    • Land Contracts

Forfeiture Lawsuits – Tax and Land Contract